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10 Reasons why Direct Sales is a Job Killer!

Phuong White Direct Sales, Education, Money Management

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I am often asked, “what DO you do?”  My seemingly carefree and unconventional schedule can cause a lot of curious corporate types to scratch their heads and pellet me with questions on how I make a living.

People who have more of an Entrepreneurial spin get really excited about my story and want confirmation that my income stream is sustainable, that I am for real and then they want access to all my sales secrets!

Of course there are also the normal people right? The people who we consider normal, who are convinced that the only way to make money is through education and a traditional job. They watch me in disbelief.

My poor dad once wanted to know if I was in trouble. “Why are you not going to work everyday?” He’d asked confused.  People have a really hard time seeing me in a suit one day and jeans the next.  I wasn’t fitting into a comfortable, explainable box.

But It’s a thrilling day when I meet a new friend and am able to share income producing strategies!  I LOVE the open and curious people who are filled with questions.  Today I’d like to share with you some information that hopefully will help you, if needed, with a paradigm shift!

Recently I had a conversation with my old boss who responded to the new life I’d been breathing into my social media presence.  I was due for a new adventure and I was curious what all the fuss was about with being “online”.  I know, don’t judge me.

Hello!  Social Media and business, talk about a limitless virtual pasture for strategic grazing!  But that’s a sharing for another day, let’s go back to old connections.  I’ll call my friend Marie.  She asked the dreaded question but with a sincere query, “What in the world have you been up to?  I heard from so and so that you’re living in a golf course community!  You’ve sure done well for yourself, what do you DO?”  Insert smile.

People are watching and talking.  We need to use this knowledge to fuel our motivation and not allow any insecurities or fear of judgment to drain our resolve.


“Funny you should ask.”  I wanted to say, I’m a possibilities maker.  Roll your eyes, gag me with a pitchfork I know!  But it’s true!!  However I was talking to a corporate banker.  She wasn’t quite the playful twitter type if you know what I mean, so… I responded, “I’m an entrepreneur!”

16 years ago, my husband and I needed to tighten the belt on our empty piggy bank.  I was using a skin care product that I was absolutely addicted to.  Problem was I really shouldn’t have been paying full price for it.  I signed up to be a consultant simply to get my products at cost and to offer service to my friends and family.  Yes, I got sold!  But what’s so wrong with getting sold if you can GET what you want out of it?

Fast forward 16 years.  Today I am a free agent, I do not work for anyone anymore, aside from my kids and occasionally my husband who likes to think he’s my boss.  In 16 years my husband and I have been able to build a viable business through direct sales.  We’ve leveraged that cash to invest in higher education, variable investments and new businesses.  We left both our jobs and have been able to pay for his undergraduate degree, master’s program and certifications on CASH!  Today, other than our home and the cost of his CPA business, we owe no one – a penny. Read about my 5 Crazy Obvious Tips on how to BE debt-free HERE.

Direct Sales or Affiliate Marketing as the internet gurus would label it, is a CASH flow option everyone should consider!  According to the Direct Selling Association,

Direct Sales Big

I’m one voice out of an avalanche of yayers that can confirm, direct sales is SWEET!  Some of the big boys and girls in this industry have been in the game for over a half a century.  They’ve paved the way for such innovations in sales that even your local grocery store is now offering a “friends and family” incentive when you refer customers to them.  You’ve all seen the ads offering you everything from cash to credits on your frequent flyers miles to incentivize you to “sell” internet, phone or cable TV services.  There is a lot of money in direct sales, I encourage you to reach out and tap into a way to earn some of that cash on a continual basis!

I’d like to share with you my top 10 Reason why YOU should find a product or service to sell – NOW.  And why direct sales may be a better option then finding another job.  The key word here is “another”.  I would not encourage anyone to quit their job before they have a consistent replacement income!  IF you are in a financial CRISIS – go get a job.  But if you are “fine” financially and you are seeking additional income streams to work towards wealth building, then direct sales can take you there!




1.  TIME SPENT MAKING MONEY INSTEAD OF SPENDING MONEY!  According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Facebook did a survey of 128 million daily average users in the US on how we spend our time in a day.  39% of people surveyed spent time daily on buying something.  I may be a super simple person but what I see here is an opportunity to spend less and make more! Some of you may think you don’t have the time, but Americans have an average of 4.6 hours extra a day that are considered “leisure” or “other” time according to the US Bureau of Statistics. I encourage you to use your extra time to make some extra cash!

What if you decided to spend less time buying and more time selling?Just Sayin'

2.  YOU CONTROL THE HOURS.  This is big.  Another job may be a safe way to get somewhat of a guaranteed income, if you keep the job.  But you will forever be at the mercy of whoever controls the scheduling.  With Direct Sales you can work as much or as little as you would like, when and however you’d like.  This means almost anyone can grow a side business through a direct sales company.  I was able to grow my business while working a full time job, going to school for a 2nd degree, all while caring for an infant and husband at home!  If I can do it, you can too.

limo3.  YOU CAN GET PAID TO LEARN!  If you have a desire to one day open your own business.  Direct Sales can offer you a chance to make your mistakes first with the backing of a larger brand.  Someone else has already done the market research for you.  The infrastructure is already there and your training more often then not is laid out for you.  Say “thank you” for the chance to make extra cash while you chew on the entrepreneurial teething ring.

4.  SAVINGS.  If you are using the product and you use a lot of it.  You need to find a way to pay less for it.  Most companies today who have any type of decent marketing department has a distributorship or affiliate marketing opportunity for their consumers.  They are brilliantly recruiting the best sales force.  We are after all already happy customers!  If you are buying it anyway, why in the world are you paying full price?  Just watch the minimum requirements.  Think of the business side of direct sales like buying from a big wholesale warehouse, you’re buying in bulk to get the discount.  I’ll touch base on how to make sure you make more then you buy in future articles.

5.  YOU’RE ALREADY SELLING FOR SOMEONE, YOU JUST NEED TO GET PAID FOR IT!  Life is FULL of referrals.  Mary says to Julie, “I love this product / food / movie / service because….” Julie goes out and buys it.  Bob says to John, “This guy saved me $1,000 last year on taxes because he knew about the new law that says…” John asks Bob for his accountant’s number.  How many times in your lifetime do you think you’ve referred a friend to a product or service that you adored? How much money have you made from the referrals?

Don’t be so quick to chase the cash that you trip over yourself.  But don’t be such a sideline commentator that you don’t even get in the game!Just Sayin'

6.  EXTRA CASH.  If you believe that you will become the next millionaire in direct sales or through affiliate marketing, you need to STOP and rethink that.  Can you become a millionaire in direct sale – ah yeah, of course!  You can become a millionaire selling rocks.  Remember the pet rocks back in the day?  But you know the drill…. Is it possible? Yes!  The real question is, “Is it probable?”  Chances are you may not become the next multi-Ga-billionaire through growing your direct sales business today, but it can give you extra cash to leverage in investments elsewhere over time!  And the extra cash can be amazing!

7.  SELF SUSTAINING FLOW OF INCOME.  Or put another way, you can earn residual income that can act like compounding interest in a big savings account.  It will take time to build, but boy if you are diligent enough to build it, then the cash will grow and grow and grow.  If you can find a consumable product that you love and it has a great market presence, you can be in the sweet spot of reorders.  If the company provides internet support by way of a personal website and drop shipment directly to your customers then you are golden!  You let the big boys do the back end work of servicing your customers and you do the front end work of building a strong relationship.  Once you’ve built a customer base and a working team then the earnings at that point is crazy.  Imagine going to work and collecting not only your paycheck, but a bonus for everyone who works with you as well because you introduced them to the company!  What?!

Direct Sales Cash Cow

8.  OPPORTUNITIES BEYOND BELIEF & RELATIONSHIPS BEYOND COMPARE!  I cannot stress enough, how important it is for you to find a creditable company to partner up with and a leader that you can trust.  Be vigilant and discerning in your decision process!  Once you find a great company to work with then you truly can change your life. I may have always had a “Go Getter” attitude, but it was through my experience with direct sales that gave me the platform to completely change my vision and expectations in life and my circle of influence.  If you have the courage to try and the perseverance to work the distance, then direct sales can be the best self improvement course you will ever take!

When you move from THINKING you can do something to PROVING to yourself that you can do anything, that is when you will never be the same again! TRUTHism


9.  SWEET PRIZES.  Many established direct sales companies offer incentives like trips around the world, extravagant company cars and dazzling prizes that the average person may not want to spend the money on even if they have it.  So through direct sales, you can earn it.  Enjoy!


10.  ELEVATION OF YOUR LOVED ONES!  We’ve all heard the saying that birds of a feather flock together.  If this is true, then where is your flock taking you?  If you don’t like the direction then what are you doing about it?  I agree that money cannot buy you happiness, however it sure does make things easier.  And once you have more, then you will find yourself wanting more.  I’m not talking about greed, I’m talking about breaking through any self imposed prison that our life’s experiences have forced us into.  When you can break the chains of self doubt and fear, then soaring to new heights is not hard.  Who else can you take with you?

It’s a whole lot easier to help people see a different vision when you are flying ahead and leading the flock!TRUTHism