PW smallUnapologetic Pollyanna… Recruiting! I am an Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Direct Sales Guru and Personality Profiling Expert with over 15 years of experience in consulting on sales and marketing.  I am an avid entertainment therapy consumer and lover of contradicting the impossible!

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Tell me one more time I can’t do it & I’ll THANK YOU again for the motivation!



P HILOSOPHY:  Surprise yourself daily!  My mission in life is to help people answer one simple question, “What IF you can?”  Everyone can have their version of the perfect life.  In order to live it, we must have what we feel is enough money and enough time to give ourselves permission to do nothing.  In this quiet motionless space is where you will find what you really want out of life.

Whatever it is you want, you can create it.  It’s never too late to become what you were MEANT to be!TRUTHism

I believe true wealth lies in our mental mindset.  Our ability to break through belief systems that do not serve us will deliver us to TRUE freedom.  I want my work to be more impactful then helping people make money, deeper then showing you the way to surface success and superficial relationships.  I am looking for people who are interested in developing the internal strength to know their worth regardless of your title, bank account balance or subscriber counts.  From this place of peaceful authenticity is where you can Inspire Forward.  Here is where you can tap into your unique talents to find the inspiration to pick up your torch and light the way for others to walk along their intended paths.

E XPERIENCES:  My first business venture came in a box of lollipops in the 4th grade.  For a few dollars invested, I was able to double my return using a simple question and a smile.  I may have been wearing hand me downs, but I didn’t have to stand in the free lunch line anymore.

By my tween years, dad saved up enough to look respectable to the bank and was able to convince somebody to invest in his first restaurant.  While many children were still asleep in their beds, I was turning on burners and setting tables.  In this understaffed, green carpeted space filled with third and fourth hand equipment was where I had my second paradigm shift.  Our manager quit, leaving me as the only one able to negotiate meat prices in English.  You can imagine the vendor’s surprise on delivery day when they discovered that they were doing business with a 12 year old!  I learned that day that anyone can push the status quo and that we all have the ability to inspire movement.

I learned about people, money and business during endless hours of waiting tables and cleaning dishes while standing on milk crates and listening to stories of life, love and the pursuit of riches.  I heard of heartaches and dreams.  I watched people say one thing and do another.  Good people were making poor decisions and I wanted to know why.  This later would inspire me to pursue a degree in Psychology at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego California. 

Life likes CHANGE, especially when you are on a roll.TRUTHism

A year before graduating fate brought me a Marine and a new life in the Carolinas.  It would take me two more years and one new baby before I finished my degree at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Upon graduation I quickly learned that I did not look good on paper according to the corporate world.  But further education with a newborn was a luxury we could not afford.  So I accepted a job in accounting and found myself managing an obscene amount of money.  My boldness to tackle problems above my “Pay Grade” elevated me through the ranks.  The salary kept growing, the titles were impressive, but it wasn’t my dream.  I found myself restless and unsatisfied.  It was unlike me to be ungrateful.  I did not like the feeling but I was hesitant to change.  I had invested so much time, so much of myself.  Was I really willing to let it all go and start over?  And where?

When you should be happy, but you are not, then chances are you need to change.Just Sayin'

In 1999 an opportunity to start a business came my way.  But it was in direct sales.  Did I really want to go there?  What will people think?  I looked at my baby girl and found the courage to do for her what I may not have been brave enough to do for myself.  Within six months I earned enough to quit my job and I have not looked back since.

family pixIn the last sixteen years of entrepreneurship I’ve broken unit records, then area records and eventually company records.  I’ve earned a great living along with prizes and recognition to include numerous trips around the world.  My greatest professional accomplishment to date was breaking the company’s 44-year record for recruiting.  I’ve spoken to and trained audiences of 20,000 plus.  But despite the money, diamonds, cars and trips, one love has remained constant and that is my love of helping people see more.

In my early years I worked every minute that my children were in school.  The moment they came home I knew I had to switch my business mind off.  That was difficult but I was able to do it for the most part.  Before I knew it, I was known as the “highest paid Stay-at-home Mom / Business Woman” people knew.  The requests for business consulting, career coaching and life coaching came flowing in.  Over the years I have coached and mentored thousands of people in their personal and professional endeavors and I aspire to be of service to you.

No matter how old I get or how much experience I have earned, I still believe in enjoying each success in it’s moment like children do and applying the same youthful wonder to the anticipation of the next great challenge!  Here’s to your happiness and a life overflowing with Adventure!