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Our perception of the world and how we react to it all boils down to our emotions and how we are hardwired.  Learn how to immediately improve interpersonal communications, connect with co-workers more effectively and understand what you need to be most Successful…. and Joyful.

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smilyHandIs a personality test helpful or a useless waste of time designed to give companies one more way of classifying, categorizing and “type” casting us into a role in the workplace?  I say it can be both. 


Personality tests are designed to assess temperament and character.  These innate traits are what we use in our decision-making methods, our communication styles, and our behavior towards life.  Profiling can help us with understanding why we react to certain situations the way we do and how to process our emotions more effectively.  They bring to the foreground our strengths and give us wisdom to comprehend our weaknesses.  Used properly, personality profiles can shed light on our innate attraction to certain people and what personal and work activities are best suited to our temperament.


When we allow our behavior to match our personality, everything in life flows smoother; we have more energy, better health, more fulfilling relationships and generally make more money.


On the personal front, the problem arises when we use these tests as our one and only road map in life.  Results are best used as guidelines to improve our interpersonal communications, to connect and respond to people in the “personality language” they understand.  From a business standpoint, I believe employers can short change their companies when they rely on the Personality Tests only as an assessment on their employee’s work ethic or worst yet to place a value judgement on their incentive worthiness based solely on a test.  People are MOST VALUABLE when they are inspired and committed regardless of their temperament.  Placing employees in proper roles and matching them with the correct team is vital to business success.  An accurate personality test is an invaluable tool when used in this capacity.

Every great leader is not only a competent vision caster but also a brilliant interpreter of personality languages.

wrong way croppedThis takes us full circle back to the question “Why use Personality Tests”?  We use them to better understand life, people and situations so that we can make the proper adjustments needed to find a better “fit” in all aspects of our lives.  The wisdom to allow for authenticity in ourselves and our “fellow” human beings gives way to a more engaged and compelling future!

The whole point of understanding “who” we are is to better interact with the world that we live in.  What’s the point of knowing that you are “an introvert” who’s married to an “an extravert” and working for “a sensor”?  What does all that mean and how can you use this knowledge to live a more influential and on purpose life?

The key is learning the benefits and limitations of each personality type then work towards progress by asking yourself a few questions:

  • How do you recognize different personality types by their attitude, values and behavior?
  • Have you been embracing differences or have you been trying to get everyone to behave and think like you do?
  • Is there something that you need to change to allow your energy to flow freely?
  • Do you need permission to just be yourself?
  • Then again, do you need a filter?
  • Are there negative events that you participate in or allow to take place, which hold you back?
  • What behaviors have become habitual?  For example, have you become so procedural that you forgot to check your options?  Have you let Introversion get the better of you such that you stress when having to talk before an audience?  Are you habitually referencing the past and thinking about what could go wrong?  Are you so focused on the future that you don’t see what is happening right now?
  • What do you need to do to harness the energy of your personality type?
  • What should you be outsourcing to others?


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