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We need HEAT to grow – Why problems are GOOD

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 My son had asked me on several trips to the local home improvement store if he could buy a strawberry plant.

“I think we have a quart of uneaten strawberries at home son.” I teased.

“Mom, it’ll be fun!” He insisted, ignoring my answer as he often does when he has his mind set on something.

“Will you take care of it?”

“Yes! I’ll water it everyday.”

“How much is it?”

“$7.98, ooooor we can get the seeds for $1.16”.  My well trained boy offered anticipating a possible rejection.

“What would dad say?” I pressed, pulling out the big guns to see if he was committed.

“Ugh… we don’t have a spot. We still have to take down some trees. There are weeds we have to take up. I’m already complaining about the puppy. ” My son replied annoyed. “Blah…. Blah… blah…” He rolls his eyes, and dramatically waves his hands and shakes his head.

I of course am dying over his theatrics.

Several weeks later I came across a clever little seed starting greenhouse system. It was small and self watering.  But the neat part was the dehydrated soil pellets that would grow when you add water.  I knew instantly that my son would love watching the mixture expand!  SOLD!  I purchased the kit, some seeds and headed home to find my son.  He of course marveled at the animation of the soil pellets. “It’s ALIVE!” He laughed as the water worked its magic.

HEAT is the key to Growht!TRUTHism

In the days that followed, we watered and watched. We placed the greenhouse outside to bask in the sun during the day and brought it in out of harms way from the wildlife and lower temperature at night.  Seedlings, I have learned thrive between 78 and 80 degrees. The idea is to keep the heat constant in addition to the moisture and the nourishment.  But the HEAT is the key.  This reminds me of our growth cycle in life.

In the early years of my business, there was a tremendous amount of sowing and watering before the harvesting.  I am tickled when I talk to my new business owners and they complain about the work load attached with any new adventure and the fear that follows when an executed idea does not show the results that they expected fast enough.  I remember the fear very well.  This is why I encourage everyone I meet that regardless of what they plan to do with their work/business life, it is always a good idea to have a huge safety net by living an over saving and under spending lifestyle.  Read more about my 5 crazy obvious tips on how to live debt-free HERE. 

When you have a financial safety net in place, you can then work from a place of confidence.  This confidence will permeate your being and it will seem to others as if you have a special magic when in reality your fearlessness comes from a mathematical peace.  The fears of failure, success and judgement of others are easier to overcome when your money is straight and you know where the next mortgage payment is coming from, better yet, where the next 5 year’s worth of mortgage payments are coming from.  What would / could you do with that kind of confidence?

There were times that I’d put in a lot of work and there would be no harvest.  I’ve accepted the cliche, that not every seed I plant is going to germinate and sprout into a potential sale. Every seedling that sprouted may not take root and actually buy. And each rooted plant may not bear fruit and make a big purchase or send more business my way.  But I planted.  I planted A LOT.  My life was busy with the workings of life, of loving my family, playing with my friends and working my business.  Love, plant, water, harvest.  Love, plant, water, harvest.  There was a rhythm and I learned the formula of mixing just the right amount of love with work to grow.

Every time a personal crisis poured over my life, the sun always came out when I choose to walk into the storm!Just sayin'
When you choose to go on any new adventure, make sure you do your best to see it through.  Plan to fail and plan to fail a lot!  Each problem that comes your way is a gift of growth if you choose not to wilt from it.  Each time I had a career or personal highlight, a massive growth period if you will; it came about directly after a severe hardship…. put another way, from DIRECT heat.

We know that in order to grow a plant, we need seed, soil, water and light. Understanding the essentials needed for growth can really help simplify our personal development.



  • YOU are the seeds.
  • Our SOIL & nourishment, are the circumstances of our lives where we are planted.  Thank goodness we do not have to stay rooted in one place. But that’s a topic for another time.
  • The water is our source of knowledge, wherever we seek to absorb it.
  • Our SUN is both the obstacle placed in our way and our saving force.  It is our choice to wither under the oppression or absorb the energy and use it to grow. The bigger the challenge, the closer the sun, the hotter our heat, the more massive our growth!

Problems are good 

We need the heat to break through our shell.  We need the heat to dig our roots in deeper.  We need the heat to anger us to push us to higher levels!  With each new stage of life, love and personal aspiration, I found a new shell… my new seed.  And if I wanted to grow again, then the process begins AGAIN!



Whatever you may be going through, do not give up. We all start the same way.  We want a strawberry plant and we ask if we can have it.  Someone says no and we think we can’t.  Then life brings us a greenhouse.  Many of us at this point thinks, that’s great!  But wait, you now have to plant, water, feed and then work through the HEAT.

In your hottest moments, you may think, if no one else cares… why should I?  I ask, if you don’t care… who else will?

I’ve loved the time I’ve spent with my son.  There have been some disagreements on the how tos and whys, but it sure has been fun. I wish for you much happiness in your garden of life and that it brings you many hot days.



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